EXTREME SKILLZ (for 10-14 year olds):

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The Karate EdgeKids Martial Arts Program Just For 10-14 Year Old’s. That Finally Gets Them Driven, Assertive, Strong.

Try EXTREME SKILLZ Now: Get 2 weeks of kids martial arts classes in Edgewood for just $69. See why Edgewood parents and kids rave about our SKILLZ 10-14 year old kids martial arts classes.

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Here’s How We Teach Your 10-14 Year Old Drive. Self-Assertion. Composure. Strength.

They’ll Love Every Minute

Fun and Learning, All in One

Emotional IQ

Emotional IQ

Kids learn to navigate their feelings and unlock a hero’s heart.

Mastering Teamwork

Mastering Teamwork

Quick choices, zero regrets, and problem-solving on the fly.



They’ll live in the now, boost focus, and learn punctuality!

“Joining Karate Edge was the best decision for our son.  He is 10 and was struggling with finding something to be passionate about.  He doesn’t like organized sports but this is something he loves! This is more than a team, it really feels like family.  All of the instructors are great with the kids and they make learning fun.  If you are looking for a great experience this is definitely a place you should check out!”

Jamie Shannon

“I have been a part of The Karate Edge for 5+ years now and have appreciated every minute of it! One of the best decisions I’ve made in life is to walk through their front door. It has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow personally and through martial arts. The people here have become a family of mine and have helped shape who I am today. Regular karate class at any age never seems to disappoint and the Kickboxing Edge classes have been an amazing addition to the school. The instructors here consistently strive to make it warm and inviting for everyone who walks through that door. Overall I’m glad it is a place that I can call home.”

Emma Murrey

“I drive from Auburn to Edgewood to take my daughter to Karate Edge even though there are many dojos closer as they are amazing! The instructors are very patient and helpful when they see the student struggling with any moves. My daughter has always quit programs when she gets frustrated, but with the way the instructors work with her and encourage her, she is still loving it. All other students are super welcoming and help out as well. Instructors make sure to come out and say hi to all parents as well. I could go on and on, but will leave it at this….. Just all around great place and very well priced for classes.”

Dragon Queen

“The Karate Edge is an amazing place to do karate. The instructors & senior belts take time to get to know every student while helping them to develop their individual skills.

Now with the new location they offer even more class options and times. Including kickboxing! YAY!”

Tiffany Harris

“A great place. Very welcoming and has been great for my son’s self esteem. He has been taught hard work will earn his belts, to accept criticism, and respect goes both directions. He loves this place and we are very happy to have found such a great group of people for him to look up to.”

MaNdA KrAl

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Our martial arts program instills values of respect and kindness. We teach kids when it’s appropriate to use their skills and when it’s not, fostering a sense of responsibility and ethics.
Absolutely! Our environment is inclusive and welcoming. Martial arts can actually be a great confidence booster, helping even the shyest kids come out of their shell.

Yes, our Extreme SKILLZ program at Karate Edge in Edgewood is designed to help tweens and young teens with ADHD by improving their focus and self-control through structured activities and discipline. Many parents have seen significant improvements in their child’s ability to concentrate both at home and in school.

Our program focuses on discipline, concentration, and self-control, traits that extend beyond the dojo into the classroom. Parents often tell us they see an improvement in their children’s academic performance after joining our classes.

No worries! Our program is tailored to accommodate kids of all athletic abilities. Whether your teen is a seasoned athlete or setting foot in a dojo for the first time, they’ll grow in mental, emotional, and physical strength here. No child gets left behind!