CORE SKILLZ (for 7-9 year olds):

#1 Kids Martial Arts Class in Edgewood. Now accepting new students!

The Karate Edge Kids Martial Arts Program Just For 7-9 Year Old’s. That Finally Builds Focus, Courage, And Strength.

Try CORE SKILLZ Now: Get 2 weeks of kids martial arts classes in Edgewood for just $69. See why Edgewood parents and kids rave about our SKILLZ 7-9 year old kids martial arts classes.

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Core SKILLZ For 7-9

Edgewood Martial Arts Instructors Who Care

They're Your Child's New Hero

Our Edgewood kids martial arts instructors aren’t just skilled pros; they’re kid whisperers. They know how to make 7-9 year olds listen, laugh, and learn. 

Your child is in caring hands.

Core Skillz - Kids Martial Arts | Karate Edge
Core Skillz - Kids Martial Arts | Karate Edge

They’ll Love Every Minute

Fun and Learning, All in One

Emotional IQ

Emotional IQ

Kids learn to navigate their feelings and unlock a hero’s heart.

Mastering Teamwork

Mastering Teamwork

Quick choices, zero regrets, and problem-solving on the fly.



They’ll live in the now, boost focus, and learn punctuality!

“My 2 boys have been attending this dojo for over 2 years now. We love the family culture. It has been such a great experience for them and they are learning core values, character development and the ability to defend themselves. We have been so happy with our experience here and truly appreciate the supportive and family friendly environment of this place. I also love that they offer so many different programs for my boys, from Karate classes to their After School Program, Summer Camps, Day Camps and Parent Night Outs. We appreciate having a fun, safe place for our kiddos in this community”

Sarah M

“Karate Edge is such a great influence to the community and I love watching the instructors work with my kids, the lessons taught are life changing & right now my son really needs to have as many great influences wrapping their arms around him as possible. With his mom not doing good things have been rough for him & having karate to look forward to has really sparked something in him that I hope he continues to cherish into his young adulthood.”

Justin Watts

“Karate Edge is amazing. I have watched several Kids Martial Arts classes and its impressive to witness children grow with confidence in themselves and accepting the values of Martial Arts. Discipline becomes a natural and positive attribute. Teaching with strong positive reinforcement builds character and best of all the have great fun.”

Bob Whalen

“Wonderful place with wonderful people and a wonderful price. The instructors there are the nicest I’ve met and are great with the kids. After one of their parents nights out my kids said they had such a nice time and that the woman that was instructing Mrs. Love was so nice to everyone and was just amazing in all. I highly recommend this karate school”

mixxca626 gaming

“A really family friendly environment to learn. Not only is it a great physical activity, they teach kids respect, discipline and honest caring for others.  My son loves his karate class and all of the teachers.  The summer camps are great as well, really active and fun for the kids.”

Hammitt Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our Core SKILLZ program at Karate Edge in Edgewood is fantastic for kids with high energy or ADHD. The classes are dynamic and involve a variety of activities that keep children engaged. Our instructors are trained to channel that energy into focus and skill development.

No worries! Our program is designed to help kids at all skill levels improve. We focus on individual progress and celebrate each child’s achievements, athletic or not. Martial arts is as much about mental growth as it is about physical strength.

Each class in our Core SKILLZ program combines physical training with life skills. While your child learns martial arts techniques, they also work on developing respect, leadership skills, and a positive attitude! Our curriculum is designed to help your child shine in all areas of their life!

No worries! Our Core SKILLZ classes are designed to help kids come out of their shells. The encouraging environment and group activities help even the most timid children grow more comfortable over time.

We welcome children with special needs! Our instructors are trained to adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of all students. We aim to provide an inclusive, positive experience for every child. Check out our Spectrum SKILLZ program classes, designed for children age 7+ with special needs.